Bixolon SRP275 Kitchen Docket Printer Ribbon Not Turning Repair in New Zealand NZ

Other than spillage damage, broken ribbon turning spindles are the most common problem with Bixolon SRP275 Kitchen Docket Printers.

This is usually caused by rough handling when replacing the ribbon or leaving the old ribbon in so long that it frays and jams up the printer.


This ribbon feed spindle is not easy to replace and definitely not a job for would-be tech enthusiasts. As a general rule of thumb if you are a chef or restaurant owner whose tool kit consists of a hammer, a butchers knife, and a worn philips screwdriver somebody left behind at the restaurant, you should pay someone that knows what they are doing to perform this repair.


Budget for around one hour's labour and a replacement spindle which is usually about $30-40. I personally wont do this repair on site as I want a nice clean workspace with good lighting, etc, and there are a few tricky sirclips and press washers that need to be navigated.


Please contact Till Man for your kitchen and receipt printer repairs in New Zealand (NZ).